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The mind of Teresa Lopez is filled with monkeys swinging on church banisters. Such is the life of this Midwestern State University graduate. She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics and Printmaking this past December in Wichita Falls, Texas. Most of her sources of inspiration comes from her childhood imagination, emotions that shape her world and her goofy pet rats named Hershey, Marshmallow, and her hyper-active puppy, Ace. She currently lives in Corpus Christi. 


Hailing from Portland, Texas located in the Coastal Bend region where the water is always green, she has always had a knack for creating the unusual. She decided to graduate high school a year early and learn theater light design. She felt that her art capabilities could not be limited to just light design and decided to expand her talents into other art mediums. Since leaving home, she has worked on pieces ranging from two-dimensional to three-dimensional. She is just now finding her place in the art community and hopes to continue creating works from her overactive mind.

Teresa Lopez

Welcome to my Mind!

Click the links below to navigate through my website and learn more about my ceramics and prints, and where you can see my pieces. 

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